Local is lekker!

Hi Nankie Family!

I've been building and dreaming for such a long time that this feels unreal!

I'm so committed to start sending Nankie products all over South Africa, I'm excited to build my Nankie family one customer at a time! 

 Most of our products are made by hand and by a member of the community.

It's my personal goal to try and better lives as far as I can, to create job opportunities for people that has been impacted by Covid, Jobloss, Financial struggle, the list goes on.
I'm not always able to pay them a massive salary and that's why every order that has been made by a member of the community is such a big relief for me personally.

I love seeing the joy in that person’s face when their product gets sold, because something that provided them joy while making it will now be providing joy to another person.

Local (really) is lekker

Until next time,