About Us

This is me, Nankie!
My name is Danell Burger and I'm the proud founder and owner of lil' Nankies.
I grew up in Kenhardt and was the Hotel baby there for many years.
I can remember that from an early age I've always been busy selling something, if it wasn't some school fundraiser it was something homemade.
I then went on to study Entrepreneurship at Kovsies.

When lil' Nankies started, I'd never thought I would be where I am today. I've always loved kids and babies and I can remember babysitting our priest's children over the weekends and baking Lemon cake with Tannie Lucil.

The name lil' Nankies is so special to me, Carike Keuzenkamp has a song called Nanki Poo, and I'm not exactly sure when or how but my Mom started calling me Nanki Poo and eventually Nankie stuck.
Everyone in my family calls me Nankie, even my husband.

And now to explain the logo, my little Nankie Monkey.
When my husband and I started dating way back when, he sometimes called me "apie", and when I told him I wanted to change my name from Silli Gums to lil' Nankie he said the first thing that popped into his mind was a little playful monkey, so it just seemed fitting.

You see, lil' Nankies is me, I am lil' Nankies in every fiber of my being, from the name up to the logo, it ALL has meaning.

Thank you for supporting my dream, and being apart of the Nankie family!
Lots of love